The San Diego Campaign for Fair Elections was started in 2000 by a local activist, Francoise Farron. Under her leadership, the Alliance for Fair Elections was formed.

The Alliance attempted to get a Fair Elections Initiative on the ballot in 2002 and 2003. Neither campaign was successful.

In 2005, Neighborhoods for Fair Elections was formed as a grassroots coalition of groups and individuals who came together in a renewed campaign to initiate Fair Elections for the City of San Diego.

Neighborhoods for Fair Elections has created a Fair Elections Ballot Initiative for the City of San Diego and it has been endorsed by a host of groups and organizations listed on our home page. Our goal is to qualify a Fair Elections Ballot Initiative for the November 2016 general elections ballot and then win that election thereby bringing Fair Elections to the City of San Diego.

We could use your help in enacting this important reform. Please contact us if you would like to help in any way or if you have a question that we might be able to answer.

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